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alpaca and llama


alpaca is one of four species in the camel family. their natural environment is in the andean high plane of south america. these exotic animals have found their place in one of the highest areas in the world, in which they live secluded in a cold, inaccessible, and barren environment. however, the soft, silk-like fur of these mystical animals makes them very valuable.

due to the variations in temperature, varying from –25 C to +18, the alpaca developed a fiber in which every hair has an air pocket in order to retain heat when the weather is cold, and keep cool when the weather is warm. that is why the alpaca has the finest fibers, which among other things are used in the clothing industry.

the alpaca fiber is warmer and more durable than sheep’s wool and is as silky as cashmere.

llama fibers

Llama is one of the finest natural fibers in the world. because of its exceptional thermal quality (llama fiber contains microscopic airbags). it is possible to make lightweight garments for cold weather. although it is resistant, llama fiber is soft and delicate to the touch.

Llama fiber possesses the following properties: 

  • elasticity and strength ( stronger than wool of the same fineness )

  • thermal qualities that widely surpass the ones of wool

  • no peeling

  • low moisture retention

  • softness and fineness

  • diversity of natural colors (15)