yoko with a group of knitters in el alto, bolivia 2015

                                    yoko with a group of knitters in el alto, bolivia 2015

the esencia story

esencia was founded in early 2006 by two mothers—a bolivian and a japanese living in denmark. despite their two very different backgrounds, they discovered they shared the same common desire:  to produce high quality natural products with simple designs, making use of the craftsmanship of the indigenous women and artisans of the andes. designed with children’s delicate skin in mind, esencia products are made from the finest natural alpaca and llama fibres and organic pima cotton. these are sourced only from suppliers who value the principles of fair trade and sustainability.

esencia is a combination of the best from two cultures: bolivia and peru’s long tradition of high quality textiles, together with the famed japanese sense of noble, simple design. this results in a unique brand, designed to inspire those who have embraced the idea of natural, simple living. the increasing awareness towards high quality natural products and social responsibility is what has driven our belief in this approach.

designer Yoko Meinertz has an unassuming eye for the beauty in the simple and unpretentious. With her honest and careful approach to detail, the esencia product is not about seasonal trends, but about encapsulating the notion of purity and simplicity. A product with no noise but graceful harmony.

esencia is a socially responsible organization, working only with suppliers who adopt fair trade principles

about esencia products

esencia products are designed in denmark and produced in bolivia and peru in accordance with these countries’ ancient, well-kept and highly respected traditions for textiles and handicrafts. esencia garments and accessories are made with dedication from the finest quality materials. esencia makes natural, classic styles that are of the highest quality and will provide you with the enduring pleasure of a long lasting garment.


about esencia materials

alpaca and llama are species from the camel family. the soft, silk-like hairs of these mystical animals make them very valuable.

their natural environment is in the andean high plane of south america. due to the variations in temperature, varying from –25°c to +18°c, the alpaca and llama have developed a coat in which every hair has an air pocket that retains heat when the weather is cold, and keeps cool when the weather is warm. their wool is warmer and more durable than sheep’s wool and is as silky as cashmere. these are perfect fabrics for children. they insulate, absorb moisture, breathe and are silky soft. esencia uses these fabrics because of their natural protective quality. they help your children to grow strong and healthy by keeping them warm and protected. our range of beautiful alpaca and llama wool clothing works in harmony with the senses, providing a feeling of security for your child through the properties of the wool.

esencia cotton products are made of 100% organic pima cotton from peru. organic cotton is fine, soft and strong. it’s the ideal fabric for a child's sensitive skin, as it’s grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals. instead, the fabric is washed and softened in the most natural and ecologically sound way. our cotton has also been eko certified by skal international.